Rabat – While Al Hoceima has seen increased tensions and clashes between protesters and security forces in the past week, videos posted on Youtube show that their relationship has not always been antagonistic.In the video, which was widely shared on social media, a riot policeman is seen talking in Darija (Moroccan Arabic) to a group of young protesters, trying to convince them to leave the place where they came to demonstrate.The protesters try to win the policeman’ sympathy, saying they had come to protest against “corruption” and ask for their “legitimate demands” to be met. The policeman responds, saying he is not the right person to which to air to their grievances, explaining that as a security officer he has to follow instructions.“I’m not a politician,” says the officer. “I’m a policeman. Please, try to understand.”Another policeman addresses the group, speaking in Tamazight, before the Arabic-speaking officer intervenes again, reiterating his request for the protesters to leave the place.Another video brings a more touching image, demonstrating the relative silence in the streets of Al Hoceima during iftar, the fast-breaking Ramadan meal.While demonstrations continued in Al Hoceima after iftar , protesters and riot police were urged to put their tensions aside. In the video, shouts are heard from windows and in the streets calling for “mosamaha” (forgiveness) in this holy month.Both parties submitted to the request, with some cheering for  the small moment of relief amid the high tension. read more