first_imgProviding significantly improved performance compared to the previous ‘LC-3’ Stage IIIB models, Doosan has launched the new 36 t class DX340LC-5 and 40 t DX380LC-5 Stage IV compliant crawler excavators, which have applications in quarries and small mines. Featuring a distinctive new machine styling scheme, the ‘LC-5’ range improves the already high standards set by the previous LC-3 range, adding to enhanced comfort and controllability with new features to boost fuel efficiency, uptime and return on investment, with a focus on increased power, robustness and agility.The operating weights of the DX340LC-5 and DX380LC-5 have increased by 1,300 kg and 1,000 kg, respectively, and with the heavier tonnages, lifting capacities have increased by 1% and 5% over the front and side in the DX340LC-5 and 3% over both the front and side in the DX380LC-5. The new DX340LC-5 and DX380LC-5 are powered by the Scania DC9 5-cylinder diesel engine, with an output of 237 kW of power at 1,800 rpm, providing a 13% and 11% increase in engine power, respectively, and a 4% boost in torque over the LC-3 models. The engine meets Stage IV emission regulations without the need of a diesel particulate filter (DPF), through the use of cooled exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) and selective catalyst reduction (SCR) after-treatment technologies.To help meet Stage IV regulations, Doosan has added a mass airflow sensor and exhaust brake to the engines. The mass airflow sensor allows the electronic control unit to improve the management of airflow provided by the variable geometry turbocharger and to optimise fuel delivery to the combustion chamber based on air intake volume and rpm. Among the exclusive features of the Scania engines are the dual fuel filter and water separator systems. In the first, a full-flow paper fuel filter is used to remove large particles with a centrifugal cleaner filtering out small particles, providing operating economy and lower environmental impact. The water separator utilises a 10 micron sized primary filter connected directly to the fuel tank, and a 3 micron sized pressure-type secondary filter. The filters are equipped with a heating function as standard for better cold crank performance.As well as the Scania engines, new innovative and exclusive features have been introduced that lead to significant reductions in fuel consumption amounting to an average of 6% compared to the Stage IIIB machines. Among these features is the new ‘Trip Meter Setting’ screen which allows operators to check fuel consumption daily (or over a desired period) directly from the control panel; the new Auto Shut-Off provides an automatic shut down for the engine after a pre-set time when the machine has been idling for a specified time (3 to 60 minutes configurable by the operator); and to save even more fuel, there is a special Doosan-developed system, Smart Power Control (SPC), to optimise the balance between the pumps’ output and the diesel engine. Developed entirely by Doosan, SPC is standard on all LC-5 models. SPC monitors both engine and pump power and limits unnecessary outputs depending on whether the work is light or heavy. The SPC can be used with all 4 work modes (E, S, P, P+).Both the DX340LC-5 and DX380LC-5 feature the innovative Ecopower hydraulic system, which consists of a closed-centre main control valve (MCV) and a pressure-controlled pump. The system functions through the EPOS controller which receives joystick and pedal signals via pressure sensors and main pump flow rate through swivel angle sensors. According to the operator’s inputs, the EPOS controller outputs the requirements to the EPPRVs (Electro-Proportional Pressure Reducing Valve) for the pumps to generate the required flow. This new electric control of the pump power, combined with the closed-centre MCV, uses the engine’s power more effectively – maximising pump usage and reducing loss of flow and pressure – which results in more powerful performance in combined movements as well as more comfort, smoothness and accuracy.As a result, the DX340LC-5 and DX380LC-5 have two pumps as standard, allowing attachments to use both pumps for increased flow. The second pump always works at full flow. This system is necessary for certain applications to supply the power required to operate attachments such as crushers and shears. The DX340LC-5 and DX380LC-5 have an optimised cooling system, which separates the radiator and the oil cooler. There is one fan drive pump attached to the engine and one fan motor for the oil cooler. The fan for the radiator is driven by the engine shaft directly.The excavators have a pre-heater with glow plug installed on the engine, which is a cold-start aid device for the winter season. The pre-heater is activated automatically when the start key is in the ON position in the ignition and the coolant temperature is -10°C or lower. The system guarantees proper starting down to -20°C. The engine coolant heater is used in connection with the machine’s own heating system to pre-heat water-cooled engines. The engine coolant heater operates independently of the engine and is connected to the machine’s cooling, fuel and electrical systems. There is also a wake-up function to pre-heat the machine. The engine coolant heater helps the engine and equipment start and operate at temperatures below -20°C.The turbo charger is now better protected, and a step has been added on top of the engine to allow extra access for maintenance. The storage box is slightly larger for better storage from ground access, and the fuel pump has been relocated to the storage box for more convenience. There is also a larger bonnet opening angle and height for better visibility of the components – the bonnet opening angle has been increased from 68.1° to 74.5° and the height has been increased from 1,020 mm to 1,090 mm. The batteries have been relocated inside the left radiator compartments (previously in the tool box) for easier access to the battery disconnection switch. The excavators are equipped with a battery capacity of 2*100 AH (1,300 cca), which provides strong cranking performance in cold environments. In the battery box, a rubber cushion keeps the battery from moving, and a main circuit breaker will automatically cut off power in the case of shorting or overloading. The alternator has a higher capacity of 100 A as standard. This high capacity is ready for plug-in of various electrical devices and additional lamps.The DX340LC-5 and DX380LC-5 are factory-installed with the new CoreTMS state-of-the-art wireless fleet monitoring system, a feature not previously available as standard on Doosan excavators and now incorporated in all new LC-5 generation machines above 14 t. The new CoreTMS system is a tool designed specifically for the Doosan range, providing comprehensive information about machine performance in a dual mode (satellite, GSM). Because the software in the CoreTMS system has been upgraded to communicate directly with the EPOS system on a Doosan excavator, it is the only tool of its type capable of providing this level of information, delivering insightful and cost-saving data about equipment to help customers work more effectively. Also available for retro-fitting in a kit form, the CoreTMS system is supplied with a free 3-year subscription in new LC-5 excavators and customers are provided with their own account so that they can manage the machines in their fleet using the system.Already excelling in spaciousness and ergonomics, the new cab in the DX340LC-5 and DX380LC-5 has been further refined for outstanding operator comfort and ease of operation. The cab offers super controllability with a new system that enables attachments to be operated from either the joystick or a two-way pedal. Users also have the unique jog shuttle switch which remains a feature exclusive to Doosan excavators worldwide. Being able to switch control of the auxiliary lines between the joystick and the two-way pedal greatly lessens any discomfort that may be caused by extended or repetitive use of the joystick alone to control attachments (such as a shear or a breaker). It is also helpful when precision is required – as the operator can keep full control of the excavator via the joystick while using the two-way pedal for attachments. Control is available from either the pedal or the joystick and the selection is made via the control panel menu. For additional convenience, the controls for the auxiliary lines on joysticks have been repositioned, with the rotation and shear rollers positioned for left/right movement. The joysticks have also been shortened to reduce the effort required to operate them and an additional pedal for straight travel has now been installed on the left of the main travel pedals, a very useful feature when travelling straight over longer distances.New gauges, functions and menus have been added to the control panel, including a new AdBlue® gauge. A new quick menu bar has been installed which allows key functions to be accessed quickly, without having to go through all the menus and validations. A side-view camera is available as an option and the control panel allows the views from both the rear and side view cameras to be combined on the same screen, simply by pressing a button on the control panel. For more safety when using the cameras, a menu bar now stays open so that the operator can keep an eye out for warning symbols and the levels of key gauges.To further maximise durability and reduce noise, all models are equipped with EM (Enhanced Macro-surface) bushings, which are also much more effective than regular bushings when greased. Air pre-cleaners are fitted as standard, to blow much of the dust, dirt, insects, rain and snow out of the air intake, to ensure cleaner air is sent to the engine air filter. This extends air cleaner servicing intervals, enhancing uptime and productivity. Doosan has also added protection to the inner cab air filter and redesigned the cab air-conditioning filters for easier replacement. Recommended for dusty environments (such as quarry and mining applications), the oil bath (9.5 l) pre-cleaner is available as option to remove dust from the air intake, extending air cleaner servicing intervals dramatically.To avoid permanent engine damage, an acoustic alarm has been added to call the operator’s attention to ‘water in fuel’. If the operator ignores the signal after several alerts, the engine and pump are automatically derated. In addition, to make it easier for operators to understand the importance of warnings and to communicate the proper warning codes, pop-up menus appear with detailed information with easier to identify warnings. The Engine Emergency Stop Switch has been relocated on the side of the seat so that it is directly accessible from ground level, for faster access in case of emergency. A new comfortable grip has been fitted to make opening and closing the door easier. Star-shaped anti-slip plates ensure that the steps stay much cleaner and more effective and to meet new EU regulations, safety bars are standard on all models. All current options including narrow tracks, short and long arms, shoes and hydraulic lines are available on the DX340LC-5 and DX380LC-5. The DX340LC-5 also features the articulated boom.last_img read more