JUNEAU, Alaska — Recent actions taken by Alaska Gov. Mike Dunleavy have some in the legal cannabis industry confused about his intentions.Dunleavy made new appointments to the board tasked with regulating the industry even as he has eyed repealing the board. His appointment of Vivian Stiver, a marijuana critic, has riled industry members who have cast her as a prohibitionist. The board begins a three-day meeting Wednesday in Juneau.Industry leaders say language in one of Dunleavy’s crime bills would make it a felony to possess 25 or more cannabis plants, which they say could affect legal growers.However, a Department of Law spokeswoman says the provision is not directed at legal growers and the administration is open to clarifying that.Marijuana advocate Lacy Wilcox says Dunleavy should meet with the industry.Becky Bohrer, The Associated Press read more