first_imgRather than make some viral video, ad agency McKinney created something unique for Big Boss Brewing Company — an arcade unit that dispenses beer instead of tickets. The unit is advertised as a more fun and unique way to sample beer, rather than being served by a waiter or bartender.The Last Barfighter is a fighting game made in Flash that was brought over to the arcade cabinet. There are five characters from which to choose, all of which represent Big Boss beers that are available year-round. Players place their cup underneath the dispenser, which is located around where the coin slot would normally be placed. The first player to reach two victories wins the match, and beer is subsequently dispensed into the cup below — a prize some would prefer over tickets that you then spend on a tiny mustache comb.Rather than the game simply allowing players to play for free, the dispenser area comes equipped with motion sensors; rather than accepting coins or having players press a button to begin a match, the game waits for cups to be placed in the sensing area.Though clearly an advertisement, a whole coherent video game and arcade cabinet — one that dispenses a full cup of beer to the winner — is more fun for consumers than an ad in a magazine. There’s a metagame involved with The Last Barfighter, too. The more a player wins and pounds the resulting beer-prize, the more drunk said player will become, and thus more difficult the game will be.last_img read more