first_imgThe ability to pick up a latest generation Kindle for just $79 is going to be too tempting for a lot of people to pass up. However, in order to achieve that low price, Amazon ships you a Kindle with Special Offers, their nice way of saying “advertising.” Amazon also saved a few dollars by removing the power adaptor from the package.The adverts you see aren’t meant to be too intrusive, but that doesn’t mean a heavy Kindle user won’t tire of seeing them every day. The good news is, if you do get sick of the ads it is possible to remove them from your device.Amazon has included an option to turn off the Special Offers on the latest (K4) generation Kindle from your Amazon account. The only downside to choosing to do so is that it will cost your $30, therefore taking the price back up to the $109 you would have had to pay anyway.Turning off Special Offers is really easy to do. Just visit Amazon and login to your account. You should then be able to see a Manage Your Kindle button or link which you need to click. That will bring up your Kindle options and there should be a Subscribe column. Load that up and then edit the options to turn off the Special Offers and pay the $30.Unfortunately, this won’t work for older Kindles, but then you could also argue that the savings you make with the discounts offered through Special Offers are worth seeing a few adverts now and again. For new Kindle buyers it does mean you now have more choice: spend $79 and see if you can stand the adverts. If you can’t, save up another $30 and get rid of them.via Mobilereadlast_img read more