first_imgThe stretch of road linking Ganta and Saclepea has turned deplorable, hampering movements of goods and services across Nimba and the eastern part of Liberia.The bad condition of the road is causing hiking in prices of rice and other consumable items in the remote part of Nimba.According to travelers plying the road between Ganta, Saclepea and even beyond, dozens of heavy vehicles are said to have shrugged in mud; condition that is causing light vehicles to find it difficult passing to go to another area.Ganta – Sanniquellie Road is also said to have turned very bad in recent days with travelers spending several hours on there before reaching one point.The recent bad road condition is likely to hamper the fight against Ebola in Nimba and parts of Liberia in terms of carrying on awareness and transferring of sick persons.In 2012, these roads became very deplorable and social and economic activities in Nimba and the south eastern counties had to come to a standstill for several months.Even though UNMIL contingent in Nimba is carrying on some minor works on these roads along with the Nimba County Infrastructural Team, the condition is still bad.There has been no active road rehabilitation works on in Nimba since Superintendent Fong Zuagele took office as Superintendent of Nimba owing to the wrangling between the county leadership and the county 53rd Legislative Caucus.Most of the 22 pieces of road building equipment are said to be down.Effort to have them repaired has not been possible as   tussle/argument within the leadership of Nimba has stalled most development activities.The argument led the Superintendent Zuagele to suspend the Project Management Chairman, Mr. Clinton Layweh for allegedly misapplying over US$ 300, 000, something he (Clinton) has always denied.The bad road condition may likely embarrass President Sirleaf’s expected visit to Nimba on 30th September 2014.Accordingly, she is expected to visit Saclepea and other parts of Nimba, but the possibility is yet to be established owing to the bad road.Meanwhile, the meeting held in Saclepea in preparation of President Sirleaf’s visit ended in disagreement.The meeting was called to prepare for the coming of the president, but at the meeting, some chiefs were soliciting signatures in an effort to ask President Sirleaf get out Superintendent Fong Zuagele and Assistant Superintendent for Development, Teeko Yorlay amidst  vote of no confidence passed by the lower House recently.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more