first_imgStay on target ‘Street Fighter V’ and ‘Mortal Kombat 11’ Get Ne…‘Teppen’ Is Capcom vs. Card Games Street Fighter V has been plagued by a number of issues since it launched. Most of the game’s flaws stem from the fact that it was released incomplete, but one problem it continues to have is one that most competitive games have to deal with: rage-quitters. Up until now, those dishonorable enough to quit the game just before loosing a match received no penalty, but an upcoming update will ensure that rage-quitters get branded with the equivalent of a scarlet letter.As was posted on NeoGAF, a new test branch for the PC version of the game went up on Steam before quickly being taken down. While this test was live, users managed to pull information from it and discovered that players who frequently quit matches will be branded with a specific badge. Conversely, those who never rage-quit will get a badge as well. This will make it easier for players to see which of their fellow Street Fighters play fair and which ones play dirty.Right now, we don’t know when this update will go live, but it should make playing the game more enjoyable for those who continue to support Street Fighter V. With rage-quitting being a problem for most online games, it’s good that Capcom has finally decided to do something about it. Who knows, maybe being branded as a rage-quitter will get these sore losers to clean up their act and actually stay in a match even when defeat is certain. We can certainly hope that is the case at least.In other Street Fighter V news, Capcom will release the game’s 2017 season pass tomorrow. Among other things, this update will see the inclusion of Akuma — who missed Street Fighter V‘s initial launch because he was too busy being in Tekken 7. Along with a slew of all-new, as of yet unannounced fighters, the 2017 season pass will also unlock new colors and costumes.last_img read more