The newly reconstructed Mackenzie Police Station (MPS) at Linden, Region 10 (Upper Demerara-Berbice) was officially commissioned by Public Security Minister Khemraj Ramjattan on Friday. The facility, which will now serve as the Police Headquarters for E Division (Linden-Kwakwani), was funded by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) at a cost of $117 million and was executed as part of the Public Security Ministry’s Citizens’ Security Strengthening Programme (CSSP).Minister Ramjattam was impressed with the new building, which he said will offer residents and visitors service and protection.“This facility has been rebuilt to ensure effective policing in this community, as well as to provide befitting working environment for the men and women of the Guyana Police Force… and to ensure too that residents in the area can see this institution of stability and security having this aesthetically characteristic about it, rather than being old and dilapidated,” the Minister stated.The new Police station has a special room to facilitate identification of perpetuators by victims without face-to-face contact and for case management and inputting of data into the integrated crime information system.This system, the Minister noted, is critical for taking Guyana into the 21st century policing, with new technologies which will improve crime prevention and emergency response times. The Police station is also equipped with solar energy as part of a ‘Green Project’ and is fitted with a training room.Minister Ramjattan congratulated those who contributed to the successful completion of the facility, as he urged ranks to pay attention to proper maintenance to ensure its preservation. He also called on residents to cooperate and for Police to enhance their engagements with the communities.IDB Representative, Sophie Makonnen, in her remarks said such events are important as crime and violence have become increasingly recognised as a developmental issue by institutions such as the IDB, with increased requests for the Bank to become involved in various aspects of citizens’ security.She also pointed to the important roles played by Police stations and the importance of capacity building in ensuring security.“The area that we support in terms of citizens’ security strongly focuses on institutional capacity building to enhance the state’s effectiveness and efficiency to prevent crime and violence… Police stations are a way to increase visibility of the Police, so it works as a deterrent factor to crime and violence. Physical appearance of a Police Station is important, from this point of view it sends an effective sense of security for community members,” she noted.Makonnen said these stations serve as an immediate data collection point, which is important in implementing policies so that Governments can be able to address security issues.In his remarks, Police Commissioner Leslie James said the Force is appreciative of the efforts made by Government.“I am very pleased to be here to witness a spanking new building, a Police station which we’re all aware will be used professionally to further conduct our duties… I’m aware that this station will be used in a manner which I expected… This ceremony is tantamount and is quite evident of the doings, the deliverables of the arrangement within the Citizen’s Security Sector Reform Plan which is spearheaded by the IDB… the Government is very committed to ensuring that our citizens are safe in our communities. I wish to say to all present and by extension, the citizens of Linden that we will continue to serve you within our mandate,” the Top Cop stated.Construction of the two-storey modern facility commenced last December following the demolition of the older, dilapidated structure. The project was executed by Ivor Allen Construction. Officials had indicated that the reconstruction will enhance the services at the facility since the former structure was cramped for space. read more