first_imgDespite a slight decline in bookings during May and June, most European markets recorded good travel sales for the summer of 2018, the conclusion is ECTAA-e.According to the results of a short telephone survey conducted by the ECTAA office on June 11, 2018, the markets of the 10 countries for which ECTAA received data are recording good sales. Representatives of several markets said a slight drop in bookings was felt during May and June, most likely due to people being less inclined to travel due to the World Cup and mostly good weather in Europe. In addition, representatives of national associations of travel agencies that participated in the survey, pointed out problems related to the specific situation in certain markets (announcement of strikes, security, overbooking, etc.).Travel sales statusMarkets that recorded good sales of the arrangement are Greece, Portugal, Cyprus, Bulgaria, etc. The markets of Turkey, Egypt and Tunisia are recovering. The stagnation of travel sales was recorded for the markets of Spain and the USA. The reasons may be in the earlier and direct reservations of passengers and, in the case of suppliers, the lack of capacity in air transport, which has appeared, for example, in the Austrian and Swiss markets due to the insolvency of airlines. More details on the results of the survey can be found in the attachment.Attachment: Booking trends for summer 2018 & general market trendsBooking trendsEuropean Commission Tourism Report for the first quarter of 2018 (ETC 1st quarter report) provides an overview of international tourist arrivals in Europe. In 2017, there was an increase of 8% in international tourist arrivals. Turkey and Iceland achieved the highest growth with 28% and 24%, respectively. Very good results were achieved by Montenegro (+ 19%), Serbia (+ 18%), Malta (+16), Slovenia, Croatia, Cyprus, etc.The ETC predicts that, thanks to favorable economic developments, travel growth will continue in 2018. However, airfare and hotel accommodation prices are expected to rise, making it more expensive to travel to Europe. Growth will continue, but more slowly. Read more in the attachment.Attachment:1.ECTAA: Travel Sales Survey for Summer 20182. Table of Statistics – European travel agents and tour operators RELATED NEWS:ECTAA: PRESS RELEASE ON BETTER PROTECTION OF PASSENGERS IN AIR TRANSPORTBORIS ŽGOMBA RE-ELECTED IN THE HIGHEST BODY OF ECTAAlast_img