first_imgStay on target Report: Facebook Developing ‘Threads’ App For Close FriendsFall For the Viral Instagram Hoax? So Did Lots of Celebs You might’ve shared your top posts on Instagram for 2018, but there’s a new way to see which colors dominated your Instagram feed last year.Year of Colour, a new web app, analyzes your Instagram pictures and creates a data visualization that resembles a colorful mosaic. With the app, you can see which colors dominated your 2018 Instagram pictures.Stef Lewandowski, a London-based venture builder, developed Year of Colour to help Instagram users improve their profiles, The Verge reported. By leveraging data visualization, Instagram users can take note of the colors that populated their feeds last year, and use this information to enhance their 2019 social media presence.“Maybe there’s a way of using some AI, some machine vision, and bit of big data crunching — all those buzzwords — and apply it to something that’s quite human,” Lewandowski told The Verge. “That is, answering the question of, “how do I look on the internet if you just looked at it through the lens of the color palettes that you’re sharing.”If you would like to use Year of Colour, the setup process is seamless.First, sign in with your Instagram login information. Year of Colour’s privacy information indicates that Lewandowski can’t see your password, but you’ll have to change your profile to “public” to use the app. Due to Instagram’s rules for apps, you can only use Year of Colour for your profile’s color stats. So, you won’t be able to see a celebrity’s top colors of the year with the app.Following this step, you’ll pick a time period for 2018, and the app’s software will look at your Instagram pictures. Each picture is run through a script that shows its top 10 “dominant” colors. Next, the software analyzes how many likes each picture received.After gathering all this data, the software filters out the top 100 circles and uses math to combine the popularity of each color with how many likes each color received. The software takes all this information and complies it into a vibrant bubble map.Personalization is another cool feature of this app: There are dials and sliders that let you customize your 2018 Year of Colour report. You can filter out dull colors or organize circles in chronological order. Once you’re done, you can press the playthrough button and watch how colors changed across your Instagram feed in 2018.“It’s not just the colors that come through,” Lewandowski told The Verge. “It’s the memories of what those colors mean.”More on Accidentally Released a Horizontal Scrolling FeatureInstagram Rolls Out Walkie-Talkie Voice MessagingInstagram Now Lets You Share Stories With ‘Close Friends’last_img