first_imgChallenge the potential and offer of Lika as a tourist destination (or any other region) only because we do not know enough about it and at the same time share our personal opinion, attitude or inclination as misinformation, thus degrading the destination only because we do not like it or do not know it enough, it does not harm only that destination or location, but the overall offer of Croatian tourist products, especially because it is and can be very diverse and rich, and thus even more attractive to all future guests. Ako otvorimo stranicu turističke zajednice regije Lika, pronaći ćemo ne mali broj trasiranih biciklističkih staza, koje prolaze što kroz naselja, što kroz šumske puteve, seoske ceste pa čak i zahtjevnije, “divlje”staze. Ljubitelji adrenalina imaju priliku isprobati zipline koji je među najdužima u Europi ili se pak proljuljati na divovskoj ljuljački, koja se nalazi tek 10-15 minuta vožnje udaljena od rodne kuće jednog od najvećih genija u povijest čovječanstva – Nikole Tesle. We rarely talk about the responsibility that tourism professionals have (or should have) when informing about destinations. The recent situation that happened within an FB group, when a colleague who introduced himself as a tourist worker with 20 years of experience, almost made fun of the future guest of the city of Gospić, arguing that there is nothing to “be” or “do”, prompted me to think and commenting on just this topic. ‬It is already known that tourist trends suggest that “being” and “working” as a tourist in a city no longer means only the sun and the sea, large resorts and / or cities. We took Lika as an example, so let’s move on to her. In this part of Lijepa naša there are three national parks, one of which (Plitvice Lakes) is under the protection of UNESCO, just like the beech forests of Northern Velebit and Paklenica, which are included in the same list as the original beech forests of the Carpathians and other regions of Europe. . Velebit, our longest mountain, which is also a nature park, is adorned with beautiful hiking and mountaineering trails. Hiking enthusiasts certainly know about the “Premužić trail”, and in addition, the locations on the network of trails “Via Dinarica” ​​are marked. Barać’s caves, Grabovača Cave Park, Cerovac Caves will surely be found in the itinerary of all those who are interested in the mystical world of the underground and karst. Author: Martina Ljuština, Over 20 cheese dairies and family farms are located in this region and offer their products and tourist story to visitors, in accordance with the popularly known openness and cordiality of Lika hosts, abundant portions and the culture of brandy toasting. Isn’t this an experience that authentically tells the story of tradition, culture and gastronomy? Aren’t these the expectations of today’s tourists? This is not all that Lika can and offers, this is not all that hardworking tourism workers create, this is not all that Lika visitors can experience here. ‬ Maybe it’s time for the people of Lika to organize a study trip for us? Thelast_img read more